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Gangnam Severance Hospital opened in April 1983, by an expansion project of Yonsei University Medical Center, which tried the first Korean modern medicine and led the medical development in Korea. A young and dynamic hospital that aims to provide refined medical services – Gangnam Severance Hospital!
Gangnam Severance Hospital is setting outstanding records in organ transplantation, including Korea’s first lung transplantation, and the highest experiences of successful lung transplantations. Gangnam Severance Hospital is Asia’s first hospital to implement the surgical robot “Da Vinci S”, which is the premier example of the 21st century’s advanced medical technology. With “Da Vinci S”, Gangnam Severance Hospital offers better treatment and faster recovery periods in precise cancer surgeries and advances its levels of diagnosis and treatment.
Gangnam Severance Hospital has received the world renowned Joint Commission International accreditation in 2010. Gangnam Severance met the standards for all categories in the 13 fields and 1,214 measurable elements from Safety of patients to medical services. Gangnam Severance successfully JCI accredited, has been approved for quality medical treatment and distinguish services to receive international recognition.

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32 procedures
Medical Checkup
  • overview:

    Medical Checkup Program for adults aged 20 to 40 years, composed of fundamental and essential examination parameters/items todiagnose the functions of the major organs as well as to prevent lifestyle related diseases // [Items] weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, body, visual acuity test, fundus photography, pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, Electrocardiogram (EKG), Pulmonary function test, Chest imaging, General hematology, Liver function test, , Metabolic function test, hormone tests, Glucose test, Immunity serum test, Helicobacter pylori G (Serum), Tumor marker tests (liver, colon, pancreas, prostate, Bio–age determination, Red blood cells, white blood cells, albuminuria, Stool Hb, Gastroscopy, Abdominal ultrasonography (Liver, gallbladder, Hepatitis A, rubella, Mammography, bone densimetry test


    $ 640.32 ~ $ 670.34

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  • overview:

    Medical Checkup Program for adults, especially those aged 40 years or older, intended to detect early common lifestyle related diseases as well as major cancers // [cancers] Basic Medical Checkup included, Vitamin D, Low-dose chest CT, abdominal/pelvic CT, Colonoscopy (under sedation), Prostate ultrasonography, thyroid ultrasonography, Breast ultrasonography, gynecologic ultrasonography, HPV–PCR (human papilloma virus) test / [Cardiovascular system] Premium Medical Checkup included (excluding abdominal/pelvic CT), 3D cardiac CT, Cardiac ultrasonography, PWV & ABI / [Cerebrovascular system] Premium Medical Checkup included, Brain MRI/Brain MRA, PWV & ABI / [PET] Premium Medical Checkup included, PET-CT


    $ 1,860.93 ~ $ 3,261.63

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  • overview:

    The most comprehensive Medical Checkup Program consisting of broad and precise examination parameters/items along with delicate consultations with professors by majors // [VIP] Basic Medical Checkup included, Brain MRI/Brain MRA, Colonoscopy (under sedation), Prostate ultrasonography, thyroid ultrasonography, Breast ultrasonography, gynecologic ultrasonography, Bone densimetry test, PWV & ABI, HPV–PCR (human papilloma virus) test, Liver Fibroscan, Close dental examination, System-specific consultation with professors by majors for special examinations / [PET-VIP] VIP Specialized Medical Checkup + PET–CT / [Nobless VIP] VIP Specialized Medical Checkup + Anti-Aging, Dental check-up, Liver Fibroscan / [Royal VIP] VIP Specialized Medical Checkup, DNA GPS-Optimus


    $ 3,401.70 ~ $ 6,303.15

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  • overview:

    [Hospital-stay program] The most comprehensive, executive screening program designed to provide a relaxation and comfort with luxurious lounge and private patient room // [2night 3days - A room] / [2night 3days - S room] / [3night 4days - A room] / [3night 4days - S room]


    $ 7,683.84 ~ $ 9,509.97

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Plastic and Cosmetic surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Internal medicine
General Hospital
Geriatric Care

Medical Staff

Gangnam Severance Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure including 160 professors from Yonsei University College of Medicine and the College of Dentistry. Excellent staffs always research and care patients as to their families. In addition, they do their best to nurture talents and offer some educations for local practitioners. The Consulting Nurse Program in each department helps patients resolve their questions about symptoms and illnesses. These high-quality services are provided and maintained throughout their treatment.

Dr. Dongsub Yoon
  • General Director
  • M.D.Anderson Cancer Center Postdoc.fellow
  • MD, Korea University College of Medicine
  • Graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine


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